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Cover of The Other Clare, vol 46.
Shannon Archaeological & Historical Society

The Other Clare is the annual journal of the Shannon Archaeological and Historical Society, which has been in publication since 1977. It accepts material on all aspects of County Clare heritage, and has enjoyed a wide variety of material from both academic and local sources.

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The Other Clare
 Volume 1 (1977)

Ryan, Gerrard: Archaeological monuments of South Clare, 3-8.

Irwin, Liam: Some excavations in Co. Clare, 9-10.

Ryan, Martin: Magh Adhair, inauguration place of the Kings of Thomond, 11-12.

Burke, Jim: Craggaunowen Project, Quin, Co. Clare, 13-15.

Barry, Deirdre: Local place names, 16.

Lynch, Christopher: Bunratty Castle, a short history, 17-18.

O’Brien, John: Tower houses in south Clare, 19-23.

Murphy, Charlotte: Some roads and bridges of County Clare, 1827–1835, 24-26.

Murphy, I.: At the seaside in Kilkee in the 1830’s and 1840’s, 27-32.

Scally, Keith: A tragedy of public voting—Sixmilebridge, 1852, 33.

Halliday, Max & Maureen: Something old, something new, 34.


The Other Clare Volume 2 (April 1978)

O’Brien, Patrick: Fenloe—a graveyard and a legend, 5-6.

McInerney, Bill: Parknabinna [drawing and note], 6.

Gilmore, Hilary: The thistle as a source of design, 7-9.

anon.: Tullyglass Point, Shannon, stone axe, 9.

McInerney, Bill: Newgrove [drawing and note], 9.

Ryan, Gerrard: The Normans in Thomond, 10-11.

McInerney, Bill: Cratloe, 12.

O’Brien, John: Mountcashel tower house and its colourful inhabitants throughout history, 13-14.

O’Brien, John: The siege Of Bunratty, 15-18.

Newspaper report 4 January 1808: Three slated houses in Ennis [obituary], 18.

Newspaper report 4 August 1825: The weather, 18.

Newspaper report 28 January 1811: Bull baiting in Ennis, 18.

McInerney, Bill: Ballyganner South [drawing and note], 18.

Early 19th century observations at Bunratty, 18.

Roche-Kelly, Hubert: The oil mills at Ballintlea, 19.

Murphy, Ignatius: Building a church in 19th century Ireland, 20-26.

Ryan, Martin: A great Clareman, Honest Tom Steele, 27-29.

McInerney, Bill: Poulnabrone [drawing and note], 29.

O’Brien, John: The Great Clare Gold Find of 1854, 30.

newspaper report 20 January 1831: Shoes for hire, 30.

O’Carroll, Cian: Shannon/Tradaree—historical background, 31-35.

McInerney, Bill: Glenisheen [drawing and note], 35.

Roberts, M.J. & Noonan, J.A.: Bunratty Folk Park and its potential as an education centre, 36-39.


The Other Clare Volume 3 (April 1979)

McInerney, Beth, D.: Corcomroe Abbey, 4.

Dolley, Michael: A page of Shannon’s history in a silver penny, 5-6.

O’Brien, John: The Spanish Armada and the fate of some of its ships off West Clare, 7.

Andrews, Mark E. & Gleeson, Flan: Knappogue Castle (Caislean na Cnapoige), 8.

Stanley, P.: Historical notes on Clarecastle, 9-11.

O’Reilly, Una: Carrigaholt’s proud past, 12-15.

Murphy, Ignatius: Captain A. E. Kennedy, Poor Law Inspector & the Great Famine in Kilrush Union, 1847-1850, 16-25.

O’Connell, Gerald: Cutting on the River Fergus at Ballyhea near Ennis, 25-26.

O Cleirigh, N.: The Moravian Brethren, and their church at Corofin, 27-28.

O’Carroll, Cian: A Thomond scholar—James Frost M.R.I.A., 1827–1907, 28.

Gilmore, Hilary: Paradise lost, 29-32.

Marrinan, Sean: The wreck of the ‘Edmond’ at Kilkee, 33-34.

Stanley, P.: Food in Irish history, 35.

McInerney, Bill: Milltown, wedge shaped gallery grave [drawing], 36.


The Other Clare Volume 4 (April 1980)

Spellissy, Sean: From Black Head to Gleninagh, 4-5.

Ó Donnabháin, Barra: The stone fort at Cahercommaun, 6-7.

Ryan, Gerrard: A day trip back in time, 8-12.

newspaper report 23 January 1878: Alleged discovery of an oil well at Lisdoonvarna, 12.

newspaper report 8 June 1881: Anna Parnell in Tulla, 12.

Cahir, Jerry & McGahon, Tom: Hand milling, 13-15.

Bourke, F.R.: St. Flannan’s Cathedral, Killaloe, 16-18.

newspaper report 21 April 1823: Bridge at Killaloe, 18.

newspaper report 30 July 1914: Reported gun-running at Kilkee, 18.

Murphy, Charlotte: The Norman manor of Bunratty, 19.

O’Reilly, Una: Father and son—a story of contrasts, 20-22 (also front cover and p1).

O’Cleirigh, N.: St. Catherine’s Church, Corofin, 23-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Old bow-ways in Ennis, 26-28.

O’Connell, Gerald: Harriet Elizabeth Stamer: Duchess of Rovigo (1816–1875), 29-31.

McInerney, Bill: The Studderts of Kilkishen, 32-34.

Marrinan, Sean: Some shipwrecks near Kilkee, 35-36.

newspaper report 17 October 1808: Ennis magazine, 36.

newspaper report 27 April 1815: dwarfess on show in Ennis, 36.

newspaper report 24 August 1818: corps dramatique performing in Kilrush, 36.

newspaper report 29 December 1803: St. John’s Day Masonic celebrations, Ennis, 36.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Vandeleur evictions, Kilrush 1888, 37-41.

newspaper report 31 March 1883: Captain O’Shea, M.P. for Clare, 41.

Marrinan, Sean: Kelp-making at Coosheen, 42.

Kelly, John S.: Bodyke’s place in the history of the Land Revolution, 43-46.

Murphy, Ignatius: Further information on hand-milling, 46.

O’Carroll, Cian: Rural Crafts, Shannon (Rineanna) area, 47-48.


The Other Clare Volume 5 (April 1981)

O’Carroll, Cian: Creatures, real and imaginary, in County Clare folklore, 5-6.

Enright, Flannan P.: The pre-Famine worker in the Shannon/Newmarket area, 7-9.

newspaper reports, 3 June 1816 & 26 September 1816: Linen production in Clare, 9.

newspaper report, 28 February 1803 & 6 March 1817: Sixmilebridge bleach green, 9.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballyalla and Drumcliffe crannogs, 10-11.

Ryan, Gerrard: Coolycasey wedge, 11.

Ryan, Gerrard: Fresh evidence of Norman occupation in the Bunratty area, 12-13.

O’Connell, Gerald: Catherine Amelia O’Brien (1881–1963), artist in stained glass, 14-15.

Harbison, Peter: Iconography on the Dysert and Kilfenora crosses: A Romanesque renaissance, 16-19.

Kelly, T.: Ennis Courthouse, 20-21.

Shaw, Eric: William Carroll (1817–1889), builder contractor and merchant, 22-23.

McAuliffe, E.J.: The MacNamara name, 23.

Murphy, Ignatius: Cholera epidemic in County Clare 1832–1833, 24-27.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Inchiquin tomb, Ennis Abbey, 28-30.

O’Dwyer, Carmel: Thomas Dermody, 31-33.

Marrinan, Sean: High society at Kilkee—1863, 34-36.

McGrath, Patrick: Vandeleur evictions, 36.

O Broin, Tomás S.: A journey through West Clare 1800 A.D., 37-41.

Newspaper obituary, 16 November 1809: Chevalier O’Gorman, 41.

MacMahon, Michael: Paddy Hannan from Quin—pioneer of the Golden Mile, 42-44.

Murphy, Ignatius: From Russian Gun to O’Connell Monument, 45-46.

Murphy, Charlotte: Trade symbols on graveslabs in the friaries of Quin and Ennis, 47-48.

Kierse, Sean: The cholera of 1832–33 in the Parish of Killaloe, 49-56.


The Other Clare Volume 6 (March 1982)

Gilmore, Hilary: Gateway from Lemaneagh Castle [drawing], 1.

McMahon, Michael: Bronze Age ritual monuments (?) in the Burren, 5-7.

Enright, Flan: Edward Synge, the Dysert proselytiser, 8-11.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Rossroe Castle, 11.

O’Carroll, Cian: Lisdoonvarna—The development of an Irish Spa, 12-14.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Kilrush–Kilkee railway and reclamation of Poulnasherry Bay, 16-19.

anon: Maura Roe’s Will, 20.

O’Connell, Gerald: Pleasant Ned Lysaght, 1763–1809. Poet, wit, songwriter and barrister, 21.

Gilmore, Hilary: Killone Convent, 22-25.

Kierse, Sean: Bishop Mant’s years in Killaloe, 1820-1823, 26-31.

Enright, Flan: Famine blight in Ralahine, 31.

Flynn, Pat: William Mulready—eminent Victorian, 32-37.

O’Brien, John: Postscript to ‘Paradise Lost’ by Hilary Gilmore, 37.

O’Cléirigh, N.: Na cumainn rúnda agus Terry Alt, 38.

Spellissy, Sean: A pigeon loft in Ennis, 39-40.

Marrinan, Sean: Kilkee as it was a hundred years ago, 41-42.

Murphy, Ignatius: Weather report, 43.

anon: photo of stone carving in Tulla churchyard, 43.


The Other Clare Volume 7 (March 1983)

Ó Cléirigh, N.: County Clare people in New South Wales, 5-6.

O’Brien, Ivar.: Correspondence (re Maire Roe O’Brien), 6.

Lenihan, Edmund: A recent find of ‘gunmoney’ in Clare, 7.

Gilmore, Hilary: Kilkee Railway Station 1892 (drawing), 12.

Spellissy, Sean: A Doolin walk: from Tuath Clae Church to Doonagore Castle, 8-13.

Shaw, Eric: A Clarecastle sailing ship, 14.

O Cinnéide, Séamus: Travellers and a highwayman in Cratloe, 15-16.

Ryan, Gerrard: Medieval tower houses in the barony of Bunratty Lower, 17-21.

O’Carroll, Cian: Kilkee in 1840, 22-23.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Memorials of the dead in West Clare, 24-26.

Lenihan, M.: Signal box at Crusheen (drawing), 26.

Harbison, Mrs.: Mysterious murder at Applevale, 27-30.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gate lodges at Carrigoran (drawings), 31, 37.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: Seventeenth century Clare—a brief survey, 32-34.

Marrinan, Sean: The Shannon boating tragedy of 1893, 35-36.

Murphy, Charlotte: Graveslabs at Inagh graveyard, 36.

O’Mahoney, Chris: Emigration from Kilrush Workhouse, 1848–59, 38-41.

Breen, Martin & Ua Croinin, Risteard: Inchiquin Castle, 42.

Murphy, Ignatius: Penal Laws against Religion in County Clare in the 18th century, 43-50.

MacMahon, Michael: In Clare fields and folklore, 52-54.

Enright, Flan: Father Mathew visits the wells and Killaloe, 55-56.

The Other Clare Volume 8 (April 1984)

Gilmore, Hilary: passion flower: drawing and note, 1.

Shaw, Eric: The Brady Browne family of Newgrove, Tulla, Co. Clare, 5-6.

McInerney, Bill: A Sixmilebridge emigrant, 7-12.

Harbison, Peter: The Ennis Pietà fragment, 13-14.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Dromore Castle-Ruan, 14-15.

O’Carroll, Cian (ed.): Quin in the 1840s, 15.

McMahon, Michael: The Doughnambraher font—relic of an ancient ecclesiastical site?, 17-18.

O’Brien, Ivar: Correspondence (1) [re Inchiquin Castle], 19.

Maher, Peter: Donough O’Brien, fourth Earl of Thomond, 20-24.

O’Connell, Gerald: Daniel Joseph K. O’Connell, S.J. (1896–1982), Director Vatican Observatory, President Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 24-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Dromoland gate lodge (drawing), 26.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballinalacken Castle, a stronghold in Corcomroe, 27-31.

McNamara, T. V.: The bullaun stones of Holy Island, 31-32.

Enright, Flannan P.: Pre-Famine reform and emigration on the Wyndham Estate in Clare, 33-38.

Gilmore, Hilary: Dromoland gate lodge, 39.

Marrinan, Sean: Tower houses of south west Clare, 40-44.

Murphy, Charlotte: The Limerick to Killaloe Canal, 45-46.

Irvine, John A.: We never shall see Clare, 46-48.

Kenneally, Michael: Clarecastle (drawing), 47.

Brennan, Phil: Rossmanagher Bridge (drawing), 49.

Murphy, Ignatius: The Franciscans in County Clare, 50-55.

O Cinneide, Seamus: The Shanakyle All-Nights, 56-57.

O’Mahony, Chris: Some new acquisitions at the County Library, 57-58.

O’Brien, Ivar: Old Dromoland Castle, 58-59.

Coffey, Thomas: Fulachta Fiadha in the Burren, 60-63.

Spellissy, Sean: Correspondence (2) [re A Doolin walk: from Tuath Clae Church to Doonagore Castle], 63-64.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: Ennis in the seventeenth century, 65-68.


The Other Clare Volume 9 (April 1985)

Murphy, Ignatius: Father Mathew, Apostle of Temperance in South-West Clare, 5-12.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Freedom boxes of Ennis, 13-16.

Ua Croinin, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Dysart O’Dea Castle, Co. Clare, 17-18.

O Dalaigh, Brian: Ennis in the seventeenth century, 18-21.

Brennan, Phil: The mill at Ralahine (drawing), 22.

O’Carroll, Cian: Lead mining in East Clare, 24-25.

Kenneally, M.: A West Clare railway bridge in the townland of Toloughlahan (drawing), 26.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 27-31.

O’Brien, Ivar: The O’Brien banshee, 32.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare—Part I, 33-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Corofin Railway Station 1948 (drawing), 35.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Inchicronan Parish, 36-37.

Enright, Flan: Murder at Clondegad, 39-40; corrigendum, Vol. 10 p55.

Wright, Margaret M.: The Borough family of Querrin (correspondence), 41; corrigendum Vol. 10 p55.

O’Brien, Ivar: O’Brien of Thomond and Ballinalacken Castle—A new source of information (correspondence), 42.

Ryan, Gerrard: Pre-Reformation church and monastic sites in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, 500 A.D.–1550 A.D., 44-50.

Spellissy, Sean: Ballyalla—A partial history of other days, 51-58.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Ballyalla, 59.

Marrinan, Sean: The motor car comes to Clare, 60-63.

Power, Joe: The cholera in Clare Castle, 64-68.

O’Donovan, Reenie: To Hell or to Clare—Donogh O’Callaghan, Chief of his name, a transplanter, 68-75.


The Other Clare Volume 10 (March 1986)

Gilmore, Hilary: drawings of (arch)bishops, 1.

O’Dalaigh, Brian: The old courthouses of Ennis, 5-12.

O’Dalaigh, Brian: An early nineteenth century painting of Ennis, 13-14.

Power, Joe: Terry Alt and Lady Clare, 15-18.

Ó Murchada, Ciarán: The scapegoat and the opportunist: two figures from seventeenth century Clare, 19-22.

O’Carroll, Cian: Edenvale House and cave, 23-25.

O’Brien, Pat: The Bentley family of Hurdlestown, Co. Clare, 26-27.

Coffey, Thomas: Silver pennies of Henry III, 27.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare. Part 2, 29, 32.

Dore, Gerry: Map of Ruan and Dysert parish, 30-31.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: The baths at Kilkee, 33.

Flynn, Pat: A figure of the past: Frederic Burton’s Irish years, 34-37.

Murphy, Ignatius: “Fr. Parliament Malachy”. Malachy Duggan, Parish Priest of Moyarta and Killballyowen, c.1780–1849, 38-41, 43-46.

Gilmore, Hilary: Carrigaholt Church (drawing), 41.

Gilmore, Hilary: Carrigaholt Castle (drawing), 42.

Spellissy, Sean: Kilnaboy’s forgotten fort. The Cabhail Mór, 47.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Romanesque doorway at St. Flannan’s Cathedral, Killaloe, 48-51.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Daingean Ui Bhigin castle, Quin, Co. Clare, 52-53.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Deerparks of Clare, 54-55.

Correspondence: Ivar O’Brien on the siege of Ballyalla, Veronica Rowe on Ballyalla, 55.

Browne, Martin: Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, 56-57.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 58-60.


The Other Clare Index Volumes 1 to 10 (1977-1986)

Introduction, 2.

Subject index, 3-4.

Contributor index, 5-7.

statistics re type of article, 8, 23.

Chronology index, 7-8.

Faces index, 9-23.

Places index, 24-37.

The Other Clare Volume 11 (March 1987)

Murphy, Ignatius: The early years of the West Clare Railway, 5-11.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Thomas Moland’s survey of Ennis, 1703, 12-19.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The Unfaithful Steward—Thomas Spaight of Bunratty Lodge (Cappagh), 20-21.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: Sixmilebridge Clerks of Petty Sessions, 22-25.

Gilmore, Hilary: Headstone, Ennistymon Graveyard 1835 [drawing], 25.

O’Carroll, Cian: Tourist development in 19th century, Co. Clare, 26-28.

Ó Donnabháin, Diarmaid: Belvoir Model Agricultural School (1835–1866), 29-35.

Niall, James M.: Correspondence [re Patrick Nihell of Ennis], 35.

Gilmore, Hilary: The Falls, Ennistymon, Co. Clare [drawing], 36.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare Part 3, 37-41.

Weir, Hugh: John Huleatt of Tuamgraney and the vicissitudes of his family, 42-43.

  1. Enright, Flannan: More O Donoghue manuscripts, 44-45.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: “Interesting remains at Lemeneagh”, 46-48.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 49-50.

Healy, James: Kilkeedy Parish tower houses, 51-57.

O’Brien, Ivar: The O’Briens of Dromore Castle, 58-59.

O’Murchú, D.: Ballintlea mill (Sixmilebridge), 60.

The Other Clare Volume 12 (March 1988)

Brew, Frank: Remembering Patsy Kitson, 5-8.

O’Brien, Ivar: The will of the 8th. Earl of Thomond, 9.

Murphy, Ignatius: Tenant rights in County Clare in the 1850s, 10-13.

Schorman, Sonia: 1691 halfpenny found in Ennis, 13.

Bourke, Freddie: Standish Hayes O’Grady 1832–1915, 14-16.

O’Carroll, Cian: Iniscathaigh Scattery Island, myth, miracle and legend, 18-20.

Harbison, Peter: Wooden statue from Liscannor, 24.

O’Murchadha, Ciaran: A rental of Lord Leconfield’s Irish estate—1887, 21-23.

O’Dalaigh, Brian: The old urban boundaries of Ennis, 25-30.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Ballycullen Castle, 31-33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gate Lodge, Waterpark House, Clonlara (drawing), 34.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: Brave Brave Clare Girls, 35-37.

Healy, James: Some people and townlands of Kilkeedy Parish, 38-43.

O’Brien, Pat: Woodfield House, 44-45.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherwordly Clare, 46-49.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 50.

O’Brien, Ivar, Correspondence [re Mary Ni Brien & Marshal MacMahon], 55.

Ua Cronín, Risteard: Is this an Armada Chest? 56.


The Other Clare Volume 13 (April 1989)

Gibbons, M. & Condit, T.: Recent research and developments in the Burren, 5-8.

Mac Mahon, Michael: A stoup at Kilchreest, Co. Clare, 9.

  1. Weir, Grania: Dromoland wives, 10-13, corrigendumVol.14 p64.

Murphy, Ignatius: Parnell in Clare, 14-17.

Lenihan, Edmund: Bronze Medieval crucifix: a recent important find, 18-20, photo on p1.

Cunningham, Bernadette: The historical annals of Maolin Óg Mac Bruaideadha, 1588–1603, 21-24.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: William Smith O’Brien and his second, 25-28.

Gilmore, Hilary: Gravestone ornamentation of 18th and 19th centuries, 30-31.

Gleeson, Carol: Knockanalban crannog(s), Co. Clare, 32-34.

Lenihan, Edmund: A survey of Otherworldly Clare, Part V, 35-39.

Ó Dalaigh, Brian: A history of Clare Castle, 1248–1891, 40-48.

Gibbons, Erin: An earthwork complex at Latoon South, 49-50.

O’Brien, Ivar: Correspondence (re the Pass of Inchecroghan, and the O’Brien crest), 50.

Bellow, Susan: In memory of Caheraderry Chapel, 51-52.

McNamara, Peadar: The Great War (1914–1918) and some effects on Clare, 53-57.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 58-59.

Brew, Frank: Poteen making in Tubber, 60-61.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Clenagh Castle, 62-63.

Harrison, John & Mullane, Fidelma: On the construction of the hearth in North and West Clare, 64.


The Other Clare Volume 14 (March 1990)

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Disappearing towers, 5-9.

Murphy, Ignatius: John Baptist Walsh, a Clareman in Paris during the French Revolution, 10-14.

Bourke, Freddie: Turlough O’Carolan’s portrait, 15-16.

De Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: A Doonaha manuscript, 17-20.

MacMahon, Michael: A Burren circle, 20.

O’Carroll, Cian: A tourist’s journey in West Clare, 150 years ago, 21-23.

Coffey, Thomas: Wedge tombs, Ballyganner South, Co. Clare and Carnac, France [photographs], 23.

Weir, Grania & Brew, Frank: Rural medicine in former times, 24-30.

MacMahon, Michael: Along the Deeley River: Kilshanny and its neighbourhood, 27-30.

anonymous: A new role for St. McCreighe? 31.

document: Commercial Ennis in 1856 [extract from Slater’s Directory], 31, 34-36.

Boyd, John: Old Laneways and Bow-ways of Ennis [map], 32-33.

document: two pages from Slater’s directory, 35-36.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The diary of a country curate-Reverend Henry Murphy in Ennis, 1844–1846, 37-44.

Gilmore, Hilary: Ennis skylines, 45-47.

Power, Joe: The Vesey-Fitzgerald family, 48-51.

Gleeson, Carol: A late 8th/early 9th century horizontal mill from Kilnamona, Co. Clare, 52-54.

Weir, Hugh W. L.: Mountshannon bi-centenary: church and community, 55.

Flynn, Pat: A local habitation and a name: some Clare surnames, 56-60.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 61.

Brew, Frank: Aughinish, 62.

anonymous: It’s a revelation [photographs of clearing of the site of Ballinaphunta wedge tomb], 63.

O’Brien, Ivar: Admiral Penn and his Lady, 64.


The Other Clare Volume 15 (March 1991)

Rynne, Etienne: The Clarecastle mounting-block, 5-6.

Kierse, Sean: River works at Killaloe, 7-11.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: Ecclesiastical objects of the Early Medieval period from Co. Clare, 12-14.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Doctors Donnell and James Neylon and the O’Briens of Thomond 1530–1599, 15-19.

Ryan, Gerrard: Béaloideas—Folklore, 20-22.

Hodkinson, Brian: Trial excavations at Ballinphunta Wedge Tomb, 23-25.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: The three Cratloes, 26-30.

O’Carroll, Cian: A tourist’s visit to Lahinch, in summer 1838, 31-32.

Ó Murchadha, Ciaran: In search of James MacNemara, merchant of Ennis, 33-34.

Ó Ceallaigh, Seán: Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge an Chláir ó 1850 anall, 35-38.

Cassidy, Tom: Craggaunowen—an update, 39-43.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Gate lodges of Co. Clare, 44-45.

Mac Mahon, Michael: In Clare fields, 46-48.

Jordan, Joe: Around Hag’s Head, 49-50.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 51.

Brew, Frank: Windmill Hill in Kilkeedy , 52.

Kennedy, Gerard: Clare Heritage Centre … from dream to reality, 53-54.

Flynn, Pat: The fourth class house in 1841 and later, 55-56.

Gleeson, Carol: The promontory forts of Co. Clare, 57-60.

Swan, D.L.: Some ecclesiastical sites in Co. Clare, 61-63.

The Other Clare Volume 16 (April 1992)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: The hidden towers, 5-10.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Henry Hewett’s map of Ennis 1736 and the Westby estate, 11-15.

Weir, Grania R.: Eighteenth and nineteenth century food in Clare, 16-17.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Micheál Ó Raghallaigh: Scríobhaí ó Inis Díomáin, 18-20.

Higgins, Jim: Medieval sculptures from Carran Church, Co. Clare and their significance, 21-26.

Flynn, Pat: Privations of the Ordnance Survey team, 26.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Inchicronan parish, 27-30.

Ó Murchadha, Ciaran: ‘A very shabby and even poor and disorderly appearance’: aspects of pre-Famine Ennis, 1844–1846, 31-38.

Flynn, Pat: Clare’s pre-Famine population: a few tenuous threads, 39-44.

Nolan, William: A Clareman in Van Diemen’s Land: The Tasmanian journal of William Smith O’Brien, 45-48.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Notes on the Blood family of Corofin, 49-52.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs, 53-57.

Brew, Frank: The stone mortars, 58.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 59-61.

Breen, Martin: Project: cleaning of the portal dolmen at Moyree Commons, Ruan, 62.


The Other Clare Volume 17 (April 1993)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some obscure tower house sites in the Corofin area, 5-12.

Doddy, Mairin: Reading Ennis: Its history as written in its streets, 13-17.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Portrait of Francis Bindon, 18-20.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The charter of Clare Abbey and the Augustinian ‘province’ in Co. Clare, 21-28.

Gibbons, Erin: Excavation of an underground passage at Bunratty, 29-30.

de Bhaldraithe, Padraig: History in photographs and letters: The Waldron family and Co. Clare, 31-35.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs—Part II, 36-42.

Breen, Martin: The finding of prehistoric stone artifacts in the Doolin area, 43.

Brew, Frank: A farm hearth in Tubber, 44.

Ní Dhéa, Eilis: Micheál Ó hAnnracháin agus a chomhscríobhaithe i gCill Ruis, 45-47.

O Murchadha, Ciaran: The Moughna Affair, 1699, and the bizarre career of Patrick Hurley, 48-56.

Flynn, Pat: The General Advancement of the Country—Clare and the census returns of 1841 and 1851, 57-65.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 67-68.


The Other Clare Volume 18 (April 1994)

Lynch, Ann & Ó Donnabháin, Barra: Poulnabrone portal tomb, 5-7.

Grogan, Eoin & Condit, Tom: The later prehistoric landscape of south-east Clare, 8-12.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 13-14.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard: Recently discovered carving at Kilnaboy, 15.

Higgins, Jim: Further medieval sculpture at Carran church, County Clare and its significance, 16-19.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tola and its environs—Part III, 20-22.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Tower houses in the Corofin area (continued), 23-27.

Hobson, R.B.: Maurice Cuffe of Ennis and his family, 28-31.

O Dálaigh, Brian: Notice of marriage banns of Owen McConsidin and Una Clanchie Ennis 1658, 32.

Falvey, J.: Pierce Butler of Coogy—an early eighteenth-century Clare Breach of Privilege case, 33-39.

O Dálaigh, Brian: Flags and emblems of the Ennis Volunteers, 40-41.

Swinfen, Averil: Turnspit dog-wheels and their dogs, 42.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Doora-Barefield parish, 43-48.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Agrarian conflict in Clare, 1815–1831—gleanings from contemporary newspapers, 49-56.

Sheedy, Kieran: “Soft Dull Day—Trade Blue” The diary of P.J. Dillon, Ennis draper, 1861–1869, 57-62.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Springfield people: new material on the history of Springfield College, 63-68.

The Other Clare Volume 19 (April 1995)

O’Sullivan, Aidan & Condit, Tom: Late Bronze Age settlement and economy by the marshlands of the upper Fergus estuary, 5-9.

Cotter, Claire: The Western Stone Fort Project, 10-13.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes: rock art and related rock scribings in the County Clare; a throwing stone from Tobar Mogua, 14-17.

Ó Murchadha, Seán: Diseart Tóla and its environs-Part IV, 18-21.

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some Atlantic tower houses, 22-28.

Higgins, Jim: The medieval font from Kilballyowen, Co. Clare, 29-32.

O’Brien, Ivar D.: An inventory of the property of the late 5th Earl of Thomond, 33.

Falvey, J.: Killaloe’s eighteenth-century Anglican bishops: a biographical survey, 34-38.

O’Brien, Grania R.: The turret or belvedere of Dromoland, 39-40.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Register of the Union of Drumcliff 1744–48, 1785–1800, 41-43.

Gilmore, Hilary: Portrait of the deserted village of Caher Bheannach, 44-45.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The onset of famine: County Clare, 1845–1846, 46-52.

Sheedy, Kieran: Wilful murder against some persons unknown, 53-57.

O’Donoghue, Maurice: Ennis 1855 and 1993—a comparison in maps, 58-59.

Flynn, Pat: Names to conjure with: a perspective on Clare surnames, 60-63.

Clear, Caitríona: My mother taught me how to pray: the nine Murphys of Newmarket-on-Fergus, 64-68.


The Other Clare Volume 20 (April 1996)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses with bawns in the Burren, 5-13.

O’Brien, John: Rossmanagher—spot the difference! 13.

O’Brien, Grania R.: A garden is a lovesome thing, 14-16.

Jones, Carleton: Prehistoric farmstead at Kilnaboy, 17-19.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian (Hilary Gilmore illust.): Canopied wall tomb of Ennis Friary 1460–70, 20-24.

O Murchadha, Ciarán: ‘Sable wings over the land’: County Clare, 1846–1847, 25-32.

O’Dea, James: Archaeological excavation at Dysert O’Dea 1995, 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: “Hands” from Knappogue, 34-37.

Condit, Tom & O’Sullivan, Aidan: Formoyle Beg hillfort and later prehistoric frontier landscapes in east Clare, 39-45.

Simons, Kennie: The last letter of John Scott Vandeleur of Ralahine, 46-47.

Schorman, Sonia: Teampall Dubh, 47.

Grogan, Eoin: Changing places: settlement patterns in prehistory, 48-52.

Coffey, Thomas: The trials and tribulations of a field worker, 53-54.

Schorman, Sonia: Two bridges, 54.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: William Smith O’Brien’s secret family, 55.

Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 57-58.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Customs, lore and legend of other Clare days, 59-66.

Brew, Frank: The Crusheen Beagles, 67-67.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: List of tower houses of NW Clare, 68.


The Other Clare Index Volumes 11 to 20 (1996)

Subject index, 3-4.

Contributor index, 5-6.

Chronology index, 7-8.

Faces index, 9-34.

Places index, 35-62.


The Other Clare Volume 21 (April 1997)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some north-west Clare towerhouses, 5-14.

Kearns, Mary: The abandoned canopy and the alabaster influence, 14-15.

Connors, Paddy: Islandmagrath and the Macraith family, 16.

FitzPatrick, Elizabeth: The historic assembly sites of Tulach Uí Dheadhaidh and Carn Mhic Táil, 17-19.

O’Brien, Grania R.: Travel and accidents, 20-21.

Mac Mahon, Michael: On a fertile rock: the Cistercian abbey of Corcomroe, 22-31.

anonymous: Circular stone with engraved cross. Date unknown. [photo], 31.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Interesting Co. Clare Churches, 32-33.

Nolan, Paddy: Rescued from wreck, 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Ancient burial places [drawings of Burren wedge tombs], 34-35.

Jones, Carleton: Final Neolithic/Early Bronze Age occupation of the Burren, a brief review of the evidence, 36-39.

O’Sullivan, Aidan: Medieval fishtraps at Bunratty, Co. Clare, 40-42.

Flynn, Pat: Landowning in Clare in 1876—the good old sporting days, 43-47.

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Coffey, Thomas: Field notes, 49-50.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Kilshanny Parish, 52-57.

anonymous: Summer house in the former Corbetts’ kitchen garden at Bunratty [photograph], 57.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: One vast abbatoir: County Clare, 1848-1849, 58-67.

Connors, Paddy: The Maunsell family of Islandmagrath, 68.


The Other Clare Volume 22 (1998)

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses in the vicinity of Ennis, 5-13.

Gilmore, Hilary: The entrance gate, Kilnasoolagh Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare [drawing], 13.

Sheedy, Kieran: United Irishmen in County Clare, 14-21.

Hodkinson, Brian: O’Brien’s Bridge in the reign of Henry VIII, 22-23.

Higgins, Jim: Sultry sirens and fishy tales: some Shannon-side mermaids, 24-25.

Neylon, James: Kilnaboy’s Vicar General of Cashel, 26-29.

Neylon, James: Recent discovery at Kilnaboy, 29.

Condit, Tom & Grogan, Eoin: prehistoric ritual enclosures in south-east Clare, 30-33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Lych gate at the entrance to Kilnasoolagh Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus [drawing], 33.

Gilmore, Hilary: Monuments from Clooney graveyard, 34-35.

Lowth, Cormac F.: Thomas Steele, Clareman extraordinary, 36-46.

Connors, Paddy: Some raised ringforts/earthworks/trackways west of the Fergus estuary, 47-48.

Nolan, Paddy: An Strapa Mór (Tullig), 49-50.

MacMahon, Michael: From Clare to Van Diemen’s Land: some forgotten mothers of Tasmania, 51-54.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Hugh Brigdall’s description of County Clare, 1682, 55-57.

Coffey, Michael J.: Ejectment books: an unknown source for County Clare historians and genealogists, 58-60.

Moore, Michael: The archaeological survey of County Clare, 61-62.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: The Nihell Chalice, 1713 A.D., 63.


The Other Clare Volume 23 (1999)

Ua Cróinín, Risteard & Breen, Martin: Some tower houses in East Clare, 5-10.

Morse, Margaret: Ralahine: A new dimension to the Irish Owenite community 1831–1833, 11-15.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The Barony of Inchiquin in the Compossicion Booke of Conought, 16-17.

Greene, Geraldine: “The humanised landscape is as a medal struck in the image of a civilisation” (Vidal de la Blache): discussed with reference to environmental changes in Kilkee since the nineteenth century, 18-20.

Connors, Paddy: Embankments, habitation, peat layer and sea level: influences on the mud-flats of the west bank of the upper Fergus estuary, at Islandmagrath, 22-23.

Jones, Carleton & Gilmer, Alix: First season’s excavation at CL 153: a court tomb on Roughan Hill and the expansion of the settlement and field wall survey, 24-26.

Gilmore, Hilary: 1644 O’Flanagan and 1645 O’Nellane Monuments, Kilnaboy, County Clare, 27-32.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: An Old Will, 33.

O’Brien, John: An outline of the history of the Civil Parishes of Bunratty and Drumline, c 1200–1700, 34-43.

Daly, Brendan: Aspects of pre-Famine Clare, 45-51.

Ua Cróinín, Risteard: Recent collapse of Urlanmore tower house, 53.

document: Abstracts of the police reports of some of the principal outrages in the County of Clare, in the year 1845, 54-64.


The Other Clare Volume 24 (2000)

Ua Cróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some recently located towerhouse sites, 5-9.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: O’Donoghue’s “Irish Ability” in County Clare, 10-11.

Donovan, Tom: A list of Claremen in favour of the Union, 11.

MacMahon, Michael: The cult of Inghin Bhaoith and the church of Killinaboy, 12-17.

Eilís Ní Dheá: Seón Lloyd (?–c.1785), 18-22.

O’Brien, Monica: (photograph)—Dromoland Turret during restoration, 22.

Harbison, Peter: The church of Rath Blathmach—a photo-essay, 23-31.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Paphian nymphs and worshippers of the Idalian Goddess: prostitution in Ennis in the mid-nineteenth century, 32-36.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Old territorial divisions & land measures: where to draw the line, 37-42.

Harbison, Sheila: The Chevalier O’Gorman, 43-48.

Donnelly, Kevin: The tale of the sunken “sugar boat”, 49.

O’Leary, Marian: Kilmaleery church and holy well, 50-51.

Gibbons, Erin: Guide to the County Clare archives in the Irish Antiquities Division of the National Museum of Ireland, 52-54.

Harbison, Peter: An ancient pilgrimage ‘relic-road’ in North Clare? 55-59.

Gilmore, Hilary: In praise of the Corcomroe masons, 60-64.


The Other Clare Volume 25 (2001)

Ua Cróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some towerhouses in the Burren area of Co. Clare, 5-10.

Kennedy, Kieran: The Regiment of Clare, 1689–1775, 11-15.

Chapple, Robert M.: Lord Clare’s pier ‘has gone to decay’: some notes on the location of an early 17th-century quay at Carrigaholt, 16-18.

Pádraig de Bhaldraithe: letter to the Editor: re William Smith O’Brien, 18.

Clesham, Brigid: The Wilson Lynch papers, 19-21.

Barron, Declan: Newpark House and the American Civil War, 22.

Kearns, Mary: Masons’ marks at Ennis Friary sacristy, 23-24.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Clonroad Fairs, 25-30.

Munnelly, Tom (ed.): My Dear Tom Quinn: verse by Francis A. Fahy, 31-33.

Weir, Hugo W.L.: Links with Clare, 34.

Nolan, Paddy: The Irish College casts a shadow, 35-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: 15th-century carvings under the tower of Ennis Friary [7 drawings], 38-39.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: From Gaelic warlords to English country gentlemen—The O’Briens of Thomond 1543–1741, 40-42.

Gibbons, Erin: The archaeology of the Carrowmore sand dune system, Doonbeg, Co. Clare, 43-44.

Gillespie, Raymond: Finavarra and its Manor court in the 1670s, 45-49.

O’Mahony, Chris (ed.); Finavarra Court Panel, 49-50.

MacMahon, Michael: Lucius and Catherine O’Brien of Corofin, 51-59.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The Moloch of landlordism: County Clare, 1849–1850, 60-69.

Feehan, John: Looking for footprints: clues to human settlement in the pre-archaeological landscape, 70-73.

Coffey, Michael J.: Homicides and attempted murders in County Clare, 1842–1846, 74-76.


The Other Clare Volume 26 (2002)

Beckett, Jessica & Jones, Carleton: Preliminary assessment of the bone remains at the Parknabinnia Chambered Tomb (Cl 153) on Roughan Hill, 5-7.

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Ristéard: Some restored towerhouses in the Burren area of Co. Clare, 8-15.

Ó Dálaigh, Brían: Catholic clergy and religious practice in Ennis, 1651–1842, 16-24.

Carey, Olive: Explorations in Tomfinlough (Fenloe) church and graveyard, 24.

O’Mahony, Chris: Rent rolls of the Conyngham estate in Co. Clare, 1816–1820, 25-31.

Egan, Maura: The Schools’ Folklore Scheme—a valuable primary source for the local historian, 32-36.

Nolan, Paddy: The Cathach, 36-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: An artist’s stroll around Quin Abbey, 38-39.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: ‘Where are the people gone to?’ County Clare 1850–1852, 40-49.

Schorman, Sonia: Historical memoir of the O’Briens (book review), 49.

Norton, Desmond: Progress and distress on the Stratford Estate in Clare during the eighteen-forties, 50-57.

Swinton, Averil: The Tomb of Miss Butler’s Leg, 57.

Lenihan, Eddie: Dead and unburied—the legal response, 58-59.

MacMahon, Michael: “Going to Jail for Boating”: Fr. Laurence Gilligan and the Land War in West Clare, 60-64.

Ó hÚrdail, Roibeárd: Then and now: the Irish of Clare, 65-671.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Na Consaidínigh: Grafnóirí na hInse sa 19ú haois, 72-76.


The Other Clare Volume 27 (2003)

Grant, Christine: Cairns on the Burren: an introduction, 5-8.

O’Donnell, Leon Hugh: Biddy Phillips—an orphan girl from Clare in Tasmania, 8.

Ua Cróinín, Risteárd & Breen, Martin: Some towerhouse sites in East Clare, 9-13.

MacMahon, Michael: Temple Hugh O’Connell and Teampall Dubh revisited, 14-17.

Lynch, Michael: Another decorated stone at Rath Blathmach church, 18.

Kearns, Mary: The cloister masons—Ennis Priory, 19-20.

O’Leary, Marian: Customs associated with St. Martin’s Day, 21-22.

O’Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond Manor boundaries, 23-28.

Kennedy, Kieran: The Clare Militia 1793–1909, 29-33.

Ó Murchú, Dónal: Place names in the Shannon Area—their meaning, 34-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Cill Mac Creithe na Trágha: Kilmacreehy, Liscannor, County Clare, 36-38.

Weremchuk, Max S.: John Nelson Darby (1800–1882) (query), 39.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Rev. Jonathan Furlong—Sagart na Gaeilge—(1799-1857), 40-42.

Kearns, Mary: A circle carved on the limestone of the Burren, 42.

Coffee, Michael J.: Assaults in County Clare in 1846, 43-47.

Nolan, Paddy: My Dear Doherty…, 48-50.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Forgotten, now remembered, 50, 72.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The bad times in Clare: emigration and aftermath, 51-60.

Ó Sé, Liam: The little ark of Kilbaha, 61-62.

Uí Ógáin, Rionach: ‘Part of the family’. Correspondence between the folklore collector Seán Mac Mathúna (1876–1949) and the Irish Folklore Commission, 63-70.

Batty, Maureen: Query regarding the Steele family, 70.


The Other Clare Volume 28 (2004)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some more towerhouses in East Clare, 5-8.

de Bhaldraithe, Pádraig: A Carrigaholt romance, 10-12

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Old Ennis bank-notes banks and bankers, 13-16.

Ó Sé, Liam: Clare County Hospital; a disappearing world, 17-18.

Lenihan, Edmund: The holy wells of Kilmacduane parish, 19-25.

Mac Mahon, Michael: George Warburton: County Clare’s first professional policeman, 26-32.

O’Brien, Grania R.: Sir Edward O’Brien 2nd Baronet of Dromoland, 33-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: Timfinlough (Fenloe) church and graveyard, 37-39.

Berry, Róisín: Clare County Archives: a memory bank for the county, 40-42.

O’Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond manor boundaries II, 43-49.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Lough Derg a gazetteer of Clare places, 50-52.

Egan, Pat: Clare people, places and events commemorated on Irish postage stamps, 53-54.

Hodkinson, Brian: A reinterpretation of the castle at Clarecastle, 55-58.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Lord Joseph Wilton’s map of Sixmilebridge c.1760, 59-60.

Lynch, Michael: 17th Century church plate from Co. Clare, 61-62.

Nolan, Paddy: The wolves of County Clare, 63-68 [corrigendum, Vol 25, p92].

Kearns Mary: The Celtic influence carved on stone, 69-70.

Egan, Maura: Two West Clare holy wells, 72-74.

Swinfen, Averil: The highwaymen, 75-76.


The Other Clare Volume 29 (2005)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some Towerhouses in the parish of Kilkeedy, 5-10.

Rowe, Veronica: Ballyalla and the Clare Embroidery Class, 11-14.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Baronies of Moyarta, Ibrickane and Clonderlaw, 15-21.

Gibbons, Michael: Athlunkard (Ath-an-Longphort): a reassessment of the proposed Viking fortress in Fairyhill Td County Clare, 22-25.

O’Brien, Grania R.: The Emergency Years—a vignette, 26-28.

Egan, Maura: McGrath from Moyasta shore, 29-30.

Moloney, Lorna: A New Frightfulness? Gaelic Thomond in the late sixteenth-century, 31-34.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: Archaeology on the route of the Ennis Bypass, 35-41.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Naming the land: reflection on Co. Clare place-names, 42-48.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The Earl Of Thomond’s letter to a London jeweller, 1595, 49.

Schorman, Sonia: The wonder of wells, 50-51.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Brian’s capital to electricity’s foundation—a further gazetteer, 52-53.

Kearns, Mary: Ennis Friary’s association with James Pain, 54-56.

O’Mahony, Chris: Exploring Thomond manor boundaries III, 57-62.

Tobin, Vincent: The teamster from Clare, 63-66.

Ó Sé, Liam: Gun-running in 1882, 67-68.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A Papal Bulla from Ennis Friary, 69.

Harbison, Peter: Friar’s Island Oratory, Killaloe, and its fascination for James Gandon and others, 70-77.

Berry, Róisín: The Griffith Papers: a glimpse of family life in nineteenth century Clare, 78-80.

Mac Mahon, Michael: O’Brien and MacNamara rentals relating to certain lands in Thomond in the mid-fourteenth century(?), 81-84.

Shaw, Eric: In the Shadow of the Spire—a personal recollection, 85-86.

Nolan, Paddy: Wolfe Tone in Kilbaha, 87-92.

Nolan, Paddy: The wolves of County Clare, (Vol 24, pp63-68), corrigendum, 62.

Ní Cheallacháin, Cait: Deerpark uncovered—Deerpark House, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, 93-96.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: An Ennis freedom box, 1760, 99-100.


The Other Clare Volume 30 (2006)

Breen, Martin & Ua Cróinín, Risteárd: Some towerhouses in the Newmarket-on-Fergus area, 5-12.

Murphy, Ellen D.: The Patrick Hennessey letters, 13-14.

Butler, Philomena: Outrage at Drumdoolaghty: the Francie Hynes affair, 15-22.

Berry, Róisín: The Inchiquin Collection: a new perspective on an ancient Clare family, 23-24.

Feehan, John: A fossil forest from the Upper Carboniferous of South-West Clare, 25-30.

Nolan, Paddy: “May He R.I.R.” 31-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: Romanesque carvings at Dysert O’Dea, 38-39.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The operation of the anti Popery laws against Catholic property, 40-42.

Beirne, Peter: Some recent additions at the Local Studies Centre, Ennis (note), 42.

Lynch, Michael: Had Mesolithic Man an axe to grind in County Clare? 43-51.

newspaper article: “The Assumption” [painting, 1869], Clare Journal, July 1869. (note), 51.

O’Grady, Michael: Killinaboy stone, 52.

Kearns, Mary: The elaborate headdress—Ennis Friary, 53-54.

Power, Joe: Proselytism and perversion in West Clare, 55-60.

Mac Mahon, Michael: From Clare’s Gaelic past, 61-67.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Barony of Corcomroe, 68-74.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: A further gazetteer—the Blackwater to the Fergus, 75-76.

O’Brien, John: Rossmanagher toll gate towers (note) 76.


The Other Clare Volume 31 (2007)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some MacNamara Towerhouses in South East Clare, 5-12.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: The Ballycoree Monster Meeting, 13-18.

Grant, Christine: Field notes, 19-20.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Priest of Ennis: Doctor Andrew Burke 1650–1727, 21-22.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: N18 Ennis Bypass and N85 Western Relief Road—summary of the final archaeological results, 23-29.

Kearns, Mary: Forgotten stones, 30-31.

Houlihan, Michael: In dark and evil days: the story of a Cratloe murder of long ago, 32-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: A century in the life of Dangan Castle, Ballynacally, 36-37.

Harbison, Peter: Some Clare bygones in drawings by Thomas Johnson Westropp (1860–1922) in the Royal Irish Academy, 38-42.

MacMahon, Michael: From Clare’s Gaelic past: Part 2, 43-50.

Clancy, Carmel: The experiences of a Sinn Fein priest: Fr. Pat Gaynor and self-government in Clare 1919–1921, 51-58.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Gazetteer Ennis to Kildysert, 59-60.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Religious persecution in the seventeenth century: the friars of Kilkeedy, 61-62.

Berry, Róisín: The Vandeleur family: a photographic archive, 63-66.

McInerney, Luke: Survey of the McInerney sept of Thomond: Part I, 67-72.

Rattigan, John: Archaeological finds from the Barony of Burren, 73-80.


The Other Clare Volume 32 (2008)

Breen, Martin, & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Towerhouses of the North Burren coast, 5-11.

Beirne, Peter: The Ennis Turkish baths 1869–1878, 12-17.

Carey, Olive: Corcomroe’s medieval grave slabs, 18-20.

Hull, Graham & Joubert, Sébastien: Medieval monastic occupation and post-medieval military activity at Clare Abbey, Co. Clare, 21-26.

McInerney, Luke: Survey of the McInerney sept of Thomond: Part 2, 27-35.

Gilmore, Hilary: The restored turret, 36-37.

Harbison, Peter: George Unthank Macnamara (1849–1919): Corofin’s great medical antiquarian, 38-46.

O’Brien, Grania R.: The Colpoys of County Clare, 47-49.

Nolan, Paddy: Four shipwrecks on West Clare coasts, 50-55.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Early aerial photographs of Ennis, 56-57.

FitzPatrick, Elizabeth: Antiquarian scholarship and the archaeology of Cahermacnaghten, Burren, Co. Clare, 58-66.

Haugh, Dominic: The agri labourer in Irish society, 67-72.

Halpin, Sarah: The story of Doonagore Quarry and Liscannor Stone, 73-78.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: Kildysert to Kilrush—lodges, murders and fast waters, 79-80.


The Other Clare Volume 33 (2009)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some island castles of County Clare, 5-15.

Chambers, Tom: Dúchas na Sionna, 15.

Nolan, Paddy: The Intrinsic and the Mary Rose, 16-21.

Kearns, Mary: The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Barefield—the stained glass windows; the people of Barefield and friends abroad! 22-25.

O Murchadha, Ciarán: The homecoming of Sergeant John Duffy, U.S. Army, 26-29.

Michael Mac Mahon: Book review: Clare History & Society, 29, 33.

Harbison, Peter: The moves and removes of the Tau Cross from Killinaboy, 30-33.

Power, Joe: Aspects of sport and recreation in nineteenth century Clare, 34-45.

Gilmore, Hilary: Noughaval Church, 46-47.

Kennedy, Gerry: Moymolane, a forgotten townland, 48-50.

MacMahon, Michael: The humble petition of Michael White, weaver, of Ballinacarra, 50, 54.

O’Brien, Grania R., The Visitors Book, 51-54.

McMahon, Anne: An Irish Famine Exile: William McMahon of Cappabane, 55-59.

de Barra, Donal: The instruments of the Passion on West Clare gravestones, 60-62.

Mac Mahon, Michael: James Delargy and the Storymen of North Clare, 63-70.

Schorman, Sonia: Book review: The Diocese of Killaloe—An Illustrated History, 71.

Hull, Graham: Maps and views of County Clare in the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, 72 (illustration), 73-76.

Weir, Hugh W.L..: Dragoons, leaps and sea features—a gazetteer of Loop head and district, 77-80.


The Other Clare Volume 34 (2010)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: The island castles of County Clare—concluded, 5-15.

McMahon, Anne: The rural poor in Clare before the Great Famine, 16-22.

Sheehan, John: The character and cultural context of the Inis Cáthaig/Scattery Island silver hoard, 23-28.

Curtin, Clare: Assisted emigration from West Clare to the West Village—the tale of a teenage emigrant, Bridget Egan of West Clare, 29-34.

Ó Ruairc, Pádraig Óg: “The distinction is a fine but a real one”—sectarianism in County Clare during the War of Independence, 35-41.

Gilmore, Hilary: A weathered place, 42-45.

Grant, Christine: Kilcorney archaeological project, 46-48.

Power, Joe: Canon Madden PP, 1889–1952, priest and social worker, 49-58

Ó Síocháin, Tomás: Máistir Scoile as Cuinche 1754&ndash1818, 59-61, 65.

Mac Conmara, Tomás: “Those days are gone now… never to return again” Cuimhneamh an Chláir — going back ‘on cuairt’ and capturing the vanishing memories of Clare’s elders, 62-65.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Are we there yet? Ulster migrants in Connacht and Co. Clare, 66-69.

Carey, Olive: A Beaker Period/Early Bronze Age landscape in the north-eastern Burren, 70-74.

Schorman, Sonia: The War of the Seaweed and other extracts from the O’Donoghue Manuscript, 75-78.

Weir, Hugh W.L..: A coast of towers and villas—a gazetteer of Kilkee to Lahinch, 79-80.


The Other Clare Volume 35 (2011)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Some castles and towerhouses of South East Co. Clare, 5-12.

Ó Cathaoir, Brendan: The Corbetts of Bunratty, 13-15.

Rainsford, John: Ennis Friary: peaceful present, bloody past, 16-19.

Comber, Michelle: Caherconnell, Co. Clare—a cashel of continuous use? 20-25.

McInerney, Luke: A note on the Uí Mhaoir of Drumcliff, Co. Clare, 26-29.

Kearns, Mary: The Ordnance Survey sappers marks, 30-33.

Hull, Graham: review of Hugh Carthy’s Burren archaeology: a tour guide, 33.

Jennings, Nicola: The FitzGerald family of Carrigoran, Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, 34-37.

Higgins, James & O’Grady, Bernie: A newly-discovered Early Christian cross at Teampallnadeirka, Co. Clare, 38.

Lochnan, Katharine: Corcomroe Abbey ship graffito: a sacred and secular symbol, 39-49.

Haugh, Dominic: Massacre at Sixmilebridge, 1852, 50-55.

Delaney, Shane: M18 Gort to Crusheen road scheme—summary of the final archaeological results, 56-65.

Kennedy, Gerry: Inchicronan parish and the 1821 census, 66-70.

Shaw, Eric: A tale of old Clare Hill, 71-72.

Harbison, Peter: review of Paul Clements’s Burren Country, travels through an Irish limestone landscape, 73.

McMahon, Anne: Catherine McMahon of East Clare: ruffling colonial feathers, 74-80.

Harbison, Peter: Review of Roger Stalley (ed.), Limerick and south-west Ireland. Medieval art and architecture, 80.


The Other Clare Volume 36 (2012)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some towerhouses of East Corca Bhaiscinn and the Shannon Estuary, 5-14.

Shoosmith, Terri: The truth, the whole truth, or somebody else’s truth, 14, 16.

Shaw, Eric: A Clarecastle rifle-range, 15-16.

Power, Joe: La Belle Irlandaise—Harriet Smithson 1800–54, 17-21.

Hull, Graham: Caherconnell Archaeological Field School: Interim results 2010 and 2011, 22-26.

Mac Conmara, Tomás: ‘Those four Claremen have taken on the British Empire’. The Clare Volunteers and the transformation of Ireland in 1917, 27-32.

Schorman, Sonia: Review of Martin Breen’s The history of Bunratty Castle, 32.

McInerney, Luke: A description of Ireland: AD 1618, 33-37.

Gilmore, Hilary: Lighthouses: wonders of the 19th and 20th centuries, 38-41, additional drawings on cover and title page.

Kearns, Mary: Stop-chamfers. The finishing touches of the masons in some medieval churches in Clare, 42-45.

Rainsford, John: Searching for the historical Biddy Early, 46-49.

Nolan, Paddy: The Windsor Castle saga, 50-53.

Cronin, Maura: Review of Ciarán Ó Murchadha’s The Great Famine: Ireland’s agony 1845–1852, 53.

Connors, Paddy: North Munster prehistory links with the Continent, 54, 59.

McInerney, Luke: A note on the Uí Chiaróg clerical lineage of Rathbláthmaic, 55-59.

Jennings, Nicola: A troubled landscape: the Ejectment Books of County Clare, 60-62.

Patton, Linda & Phillips, Louise: Mr Henry Bradshaw Harris J.P. 1830–1914, 63-66.

Mac Mahon, Michael: ‘Each Lord in his own Territory’: Giolla Na Naomh Ó hUidhrín’s profile of Thomond, 67-70.

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Coyne, Frank: McParland’s Ennis: the last half-timbered house in Ireland? 71-74, additional photograph on back cover.

McInerney, Luke: A note on the antiquities of County Clare Field Trip 2012, 75-76.

Ó Ruairc, Padraig Óg: Missing in action—British servicemen secretly buried in Clare during the War of Independence, 77-80.


The Other Clare Volume 37 (2013)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Some towerhouses of East Corca Bhaiscinn and the Shannon Estuary (part II: concluded), 5-11.

Campbell, Eve: Exploring the medieval and early modern settlement of Noughaval in the Burren, 21-17.

Hester, Mary: The forgotten graveyards of Clondegad and Kilchreest, 18-20.

Ó Murchadha, Ciáran: Prison letters of Canon O’Kennedy, 21-24.

Barry, Martin: Landscape and settlement in the mid-Clare townland of Drinagh (part I), 25-27.

Power, Rosemary: Moravian records for Crossard, County Clare, 28-34.

Swift, Cathy: St Flannan and St Rícenn: labouring kings and literate mothers in medieval Clare, 35-38.

Carey, Olive: Hastings farmhouse conservation project, 39-44.

Schorman, Sonia: Review of Ger Madden’s Portraits of Mountshannon, 45.

Dowd, Marion: Archaeological excavations in Moneen Cave—insights into Bronze Age and Late Medieval life in the Burren, 46-49.

Schorman, Sonia: Review of Bermingham, Hull & Taylor, Beneath the Banner: Archaeology of the M18 Ennis Bypass, 49.

Lynch, Michael: A Galway made chalice from north County Clare, 50-53.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The Clareabbey Charter revisited, 54-56.

McInerney, Luke: The clerical lineages of Inis Cathaigh, 57-64.

Doyle, Eamon: The sand volcanoes of West Clare, 65-66.

Ó Riain-Raedel, Dagmar: It’s a long way from County Clare: St Mochulla of Tulla in Germany, 67-70.

Lenihan, Eddie: The holy wells of Quin Parish, 71-77.

Power, Rosemary: Overseas contacts in the reign of King Muirchertach Ua Briain, 78-80.


The Other Clare Volume 38 (2014)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Castlefergus, or Ballyhannon Castle—a living stronghold, 5-11.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Review of Michael Mac Mahon’s The Parish of Corofin: a historical profile, 11.

Ruttle, Edel: Investigations at St. Finghin’s graveyard, 12-18.

McInerney, Luke: The origins of Clann Chruitín: chronicler-poets of the learned Gaelic tradition, 19-30.

Ó Clabaigh, Colmán: Review of Luke McInerney’s Clerical and learned lineages of Medieval Co. Clare: a survey of the fifteenth-century papal registers, 30.

Kearns, Mary: Medieval graffiti at Ennis Friary, 31-32.

UaCróinín, Ristéard: The Scribe of Ennistymon: Patrick Mullins’ 19th century manuscript, 33-34, 40.

Barry, Edel: Lahinch: The social history of a West Clare Railway station, 35-40.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Milling on the Fergus, 41-49.

Nolan, Paddy: The Edmond uncovered, 50-61.

Barry, Martin: Landscape and settlement in the townland of Drinagh (Part II), 62-65, 68.

Rowe, Veronica: Jane’s castle sketches, 66-68.

McNamara, Michael: The Kilkishen cultural centre, 69-70.

Hester, Mary: Ballynacally and Coney Island contributions to Schools’ Folklore Scheme 1937–1938, 71-73.

Power, Rosemary: Brian and the Battle of Clontarf: a view from the northern world, 74-76, 80.

Higgins, Jim: Some medieval stone carvings return to Scattery Island, Co. Clare, 77-80.

The Other Clare Volume 39 (2015)

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Craggaunowen Castle, 5-11.

Barry, Martin: Landscape and settlement in the townland of Drinagh (part III), 12-24.

Nolan, Paddy: Two Claremen die in Afghanistan (1880), 25-28.

Swift, Catherine: Book review: Kilfenora, Killinaboy, Scattery Island-a guide for pilgrims in County Clare by Rosemary Power, 28.

Patton, Linda & Phillips, Louise: John Nugent Harris, 1862–1953, 29-35, 80.

Kearns, Mary: Quin Friary graffiti, 36-37.

Hull, Graham & McCooey, Joseph: The Earthworks at Quin Friary, 38-40.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Book review: The mass evictions in Kilrush Poor Law Union during the Great Famine by Matthew Lynch, 40.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed.: Photographing the evictions on the Vandeleur Estate, Kilrush, July 1888, 41-52.

Lenihan, Eddie: Carrownacloghy standing stone felled, 53-54.

Connaughton, Jill: Late Medieval devotional sculpture in the Franciscan Friary at Ennis, Co. Clare, 55-61.

Shoosmith, Terri: The Devon Commission re-discovered, 61.

Ó Riain-Raedel, Dagmar: Saving their souls: the Uí Briain Kings of Thomond, 62-65.

Power, Rosemary: Moravian Diaries for Crossard, County Clare, 1789–1790, 66-73.

Hester, Mary: The holy wells of Ballynacally and Lissycasey, 74-77.

Shoosmith, Terri: Book review: These my friends and forebears: the O’Briens of Dromoland, by Grania R. O’Brien (2nd Edition), 77.

MacMahon, Michael: The legend of the Glas Gaibhne of Burren: A plea for the environment? 78-80.


The Other Clare Volume 40 (2016)

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán (ed.): Dr. Donough MacNamara’s memoir of the War of Independence, 5-15.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Knappogue Castle—stronghold of the MacNamara Fionn – chieftains of the ancient district of West Clan Cúilein in Co. Clare, 16-25.

Ó Héalaí, Pádraig: Seán Mac Mathúna: diarist and dedicated recorder of Clare tradition, 26-36.

Lyons Tony: Clare Hedge Schools as represented in the Schools’ Folklore Collection 1937/39, 37-40.

Power, Rosemary: Sheela-na-gigs in County Clare—origins and interpretations, 41-44.

Houlihan, Michael: D.M.P. Constable Michael Lahiff, a casualty of the Easter Rising 1916, 45-47.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Strange bells and music at Dysert, 48-50.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Ennis Friary and the cult of St, Michael the Archangel, 51-52.

Crowe, Philip: The Crowe gentry of County Clare: origins and history, 53-60.

O Sullivan, Lisa: Are you being served? The rise and fall of domestic service in Kilrush, Co Clare from 1881 to 1951, 61-64.

Henn, Francis: William Henn—sailor son of Paradise, 65-68.

O’Loughlin, Maura: Tales from the fishermen of Fisherstreet to the currach men of Liscannor Bay, 69-72.

McInerney, Luke: A 1589 deed between McGilleragh and the Earl of Thomond for Cragbrien, 73-82.

Power, Joe: The political career of James Lysaght Finigan MP, 1879–82, 83-87.

Weir, Hugh W.L.: What’s your name, Clareman? 88-89.

Costello, Gerard G.: Mount Ievers Court, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, 90-94

The Other Clare Volume 41 (2017)

UaCróinín, Ristéard & Breen, Martin: Mount Ievers, or Ballyarilla Castle, 5-10.

O’Loghlen, Edward & O’Loghlen, Michael: A tale of adversity and survival: manuscripts touching Gragan’s Castle, 11-14.

McInerney, Luke: Note on the petition of Turlogh O’Loghlen of Gragans, Burren, County Clare (c. 1663), 15-25.

Shoosmith, Terri: Book Review—The Holy Wells of County Clare (2015) and The Sacred Trees of County Clare (2016), by Michael Houlihan, 25.

Cahill, Shane: The life and death of Thomas Shannon, 26-29.

Lane, Padraig G.: A perception in fiction of pre-Famine violence in Clare, 29-31

Carey, Olive: In memory of Sonia, 32-33.

Hester, Mary: Book Review—Figures in a Famine Landscape by Ciarán Ó Murchadha, 34.

Kearns, Mary: The story behind the Ennis Friary memorial plaques, 35-37.

Hoyne, Clara: “Thanks be to the turf for the tractor”—The role of turf in the local economy of West Clare, 38-46.

O’Brien, Jane: Poverty in Ennis in the second half of the nineteenth century, 47-51.

Power, Rosemary: Scattery Island—the name, 51.

Hull, Graham & McCooey, Joseph: Archaeological excavation of earthworks at Quin Friary [with contributions by Clare McCutcheon, Gordana Baljkas & Lizzie Lewins], 52-59.

McInerney, Luke: Conchubhar Mac an Oirchinnigh and the Gaelic scribal tradition of County Clare, 60-67.

Nolan, Paddy: Four funerals and a wedding, 68-73.

Goggin, Brian J.: Mr. Paterson’s steamer, 74-79.

O’Loughlin, Maura: Tales of trade, commerce and pilgrimage—Ballaghaline to Liscannor, 79-83.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The ‘Burned Store’ of Drumbiggle, 84-87.

Hobbs, Ian: Killaloe’s Niall medical legacy, 88-90.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Medieval Ennis: gate houses, laneways and water courses, 91-94

MacMahon, Michael: St. Iníon Baoith alias St. Winifred and the Tau Cross of Killinaboy, 94-100.

Crowe, Phillip: The Crowe gentry of County Clare: a forgotten branch, 100-105.


The Other Clare Volume 42 (2018)

Mac Mahon, Michael: Kilfenora (Feneborensis): a diocese apart, 5-16

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Ballymarkahan Castle: a MacNamara residence of the Medieval period, 17-24.

McInerney, Luke: The O’Neylons of Dysert and Austria, 25-32.

Hull, Graham & McCooey, Joseph: A radiocarbon date from the archaeological excavation of earthworks at Quin Friary, 32.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A survey of Ennis Franciscan property 1634, 33-39.

Shoosmith, Teresa: Gardens of Clare, 40-46

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Book Review—The Irish sketches of Florence Vere O’Brien edited by David Rowe, with an introduction by Veronica Rowe, 46.

Breen, Martin: An interesting plaque at Dysert parish church, 47-49.

Halloran, Jane: James Molony of Kiltannon: landlord, entrepreneur and farmer, 50-53.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: Officials from the Vandeleur Evictions, 54-60.

O’Brien, Jane: The Industrial School child in Ennis 1880–1907, 61-67.

Power, Joe: Censorship of the Clare Champion, 1917–1918, 68-75.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Portrait of Charles O’Brien, sixth Viscount Clare, 76.

Devine, Francis and Mullins, Lisa: The murder of Thomas Connole, I.T.G.W.U. Branch Secretary at Ennistymon, September 1920, 77-83.

Houlihan, Margaret: Cumann na mBan activity in Clare 1917–1921, 84-92.

The Other Clare Volume 43 (2019)

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: The manor house and castle of Clonroad, 7-16.

Breen, Martin: Securing Rosroe Castle into the future, 16.

Hull, Graham & Taylor, Kate: Lost Ennis graveyards; medieval and post-medieval skeletal remains, 17-22.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian (ed.):T.J. Westropp’s notes on the discoveries at Ennis Abbey, 1893, 23-28.

Kearns, Mary: Restoration of Templemaley church windows, 29-31.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: The early castles at Dromoland: some historical notes, 32-48.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: An Chabhail Mhór, 49-50.

Mac Mahon, Michael: Who was Terry Alt? 51-55.

Barron, Declan: Newpark House and the Mahon family, 56-61.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: Patrick Fitzsimon and Springfield College, 62-69.

Moran, Gerard: Letters of James Hack Tuke and the Bodyke evictions, 70-73.

Halloran Ryan, Jane: William Mills and Marcus Molony, sons of James Molony of Kiltannon, 74-77.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: The Vandeleur Ram, 78-83.

Ó Murchadha, Ciarán: James Reagh Darcy’s final settlement, 84-85.


The Other Clare Volume 44 (2020)

Spring, Brian: Kingship and warfare in Thomond 1168–1318, 5-9.

Kearns, Mary: Elusive mason marks at Corcomroe Abbey and Ennis Friary, 10-11.

McInerney, Luke: Clare field trip 2019: Dromoland, Drumcliff, Aughrim and Kilraghtis, 12-17.

Harris, Amy Louise: New insights into Thomas Dingley’s Irish journey 1680–81, 18-19, 107.

Hull, Graham & Hurley, Katherine: Post-medieval brick-making kilns near Clare Abbey, 20-24.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: A Protestant church in a Catholic friary 1615–1969, 25-34.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The Mac Mahons of County Clare, 35-41, 107.

Crowe, Philip: Origins and history of the townland of Nutfield in County Clare, 42-45.

O’Loghlen, Michael, QC: The O’Loghlens of Drumconora, Ennis, 46-49, front cover (illustration by Hilary Gilmore), inside front cover (document, 1850), inside back cover (description by BO/D), back cover (photo by John O’Brien).

Molohan, James M.: Tromra House,Tromra Lodge and their occupants: a short history, 50-56, 107.

Ní Dheá, Dr. Eilís: Maoileachlainn Ó Comhraí, Deartháir le hEoghan, c. 1788–1824, 57-59, 108.

Barron, Declan: Gaurus mill, 60-61.

Sexton, Alfred: Ejectment books for County Clare 1816–1860, 62-68, 108.

Kelly, Marilyn: Cornelius McDermott, Cooraclare National School, 1846–1894, 69-75.

Moran, Gerard: County Clare marriages at Five Points, New York in the 1850s, 76-78.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: An American witness to the Vandeleur estate evictions, 79-85.

UaCróinín, Ristéard, & Breen, Martin: Dromore Castle, Ballygriffy Castle and the mansion house in Dromore Wood, 86-102.

McNamara, Martin: Moy—Parish of Kilfarboy: antiquities, persons, folklore, 103-105.

Ó’Brien, John: In memory of Pat Costello, 106.


The Other Clare Volume 45 (2021)

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Sixmilebridge Market House (drawing by Hilary Gilmore), front cover and inside front cover.

McInerney, Luke: A newly discovered medieval seal-matrix from Drumcliffe, County Clare, 5-7.

Higgins, Jim & Lynch, Michael: Early Christian cross slab and cursing stones at Kilmoon, Co. Clare, 8-10.

Power, Rosemary: International intrigue in Killaloe, Christmas 1102, 11-15.

Mac Mahon, Michael: The evolution of the Diocese of Killaloe, 16-25.

McInerney, Luke: Was Caithréim Thoirdhéalbhaigh written at Clare Abbey in the mid-fourteenth century? 26-32.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: O’Briensbridge: a fortified bridge-stronghold of the O’Briens, 33-39.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Drummin Castle window-head, 40.

Harris, Amy Louise: Thomas Dingley’s Irish journal 1680–81, 41-43.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Market Houses of County Clare, 44-52, 62.

Barry, Eoin J.: Evolution of an Irish folktale concerning Lough Derg: the connection between Caoranach and Ollphéist, 53-57.

Ní Dheá, Eilís: Lucht scríofa lámhscríbhinní i mbarúntacht Bhun Raite sa naoú haois déag, 58-62.

McNamara, Martin: Thomas McMahon, scribe and scripture reader of Ennistymon, 63-68, 103.

Mac Sheoin, Tomás: Terry Alts: special commission of 1831, 69-74, 103.

Hull, Graham & Nicholl, John: Stepping into ancestors’ shoes: archaeological excavation of vernacular house at Derryboy, Ballinruan, Co. Clare, 75-77.

O’Shaughnessy, Ed: A Clare family’s Famine exodus to Canada, 78-83, 104.

Baron, Declan: Newbridge House, Ennis, 84-85.

Sexton, Alfred: The Land War in Clare 1880–1890, 86-94.

Leyden, Josephine & O’Brien, John: obituary: In loving memory of Mary (Lal) Quinn, 94.

Molohan, Jim: Tom and Paddy Molohan: forgotten pioneers of the GAA, 95-100, 104.

Spring, Brian: Calm before the storm—Lord Wimborne, soon to proclaim martial law in Dublin, visits Ennis, 101-102.

McInerney, Luke: The Clare Augustinian abbey of SS Peter and Paul (note and photo), inside and outside back cover.


The Other Clare Volume 46 (2022)

Irwin, Liam: Thomas Johnson Westropp (1860–1922), 5-8.

O’Connell, Michael: Bog-deal in Co. Clare, with particular reference to bog-pine and its significance, 9-17.

McNamara, Martin: The Psalter of Caimín, the monastic community of Inis Cealtra and its history: psalm interpretation from Antioch on the Orontes to Inis Cealtra on the Shannon, 18-25.

Kearns, Mary: The final collection of fifteenth century masons’ marks at Ennis Friary, 26-28, 103.

Ó Dálaigh, Brian: Interactions of the friars of Aughrim and Mac Brodys of Kilkee with Mícheál Ó Cléirigh compiler of the Annals the Four Masters, 29-33.

Breen, Martin & UaCróinín, Ristéard: Ballyhickey: Home of the O’Hickey, medieval physicians of Thomond—and the castle that never was, 34-37.

Martin, Silvina: The baptismal font at Ballyvaughan, 37-38.

MacMahon, Michael: The Account Book of Catherine O’Brien of Dromoland, 39-43.

O’Halloran, Rob: The O’Hallorans (Uí Allmhuráin) of Fahy: landholding and lineage in late medieval Thomond, 44-51.

Haugh, Dominic: The Ralahine Commune—a re-appraisal, 52-56, 62.

Mac Sheoin, Tomás: Coimisiún Speisialta i gContae an Chláir, Eanáir 1848, 57-62.

Sexton, Alfie: Report from the Select Committee on Kilrush Union 1850, 63-69.

Childs, Peter E.: Kelp gathering and the factory at Freagh, Co. Clare, 70-76.

Molohan, James M.: From the Sandhills to the Pampas: emigration from West Clare to Argentina in the nineteenth century, 77-82, 96.

Mulhaire, Ronan: Thomas McInerney ‘Irish Champion Wrestler’ (1864–1934): a short biography, 83-89.

O’Brien, John: Hastings Farmhouse Restoration Project, an update, 89.

Power, Joe: ‘A Turbulent Priest’: Bishop Michael Fogarty and Irish Nationalism, 1914–1924, 90-96.

O’Loghlen, Edward: The capture and release of General Lucas, summer 1920, 97-99.

Lysaght, Patricia: Folklore Collecting in Southwest Clare in the 1950s, 100-103.

Kirby, Tony: review of Eilís Haden-Storrie’s Nature, nurture and being happy: Burren stories, 104.

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